wedding wednesday: something bleu

the ash had her first fitting today and "the one" was even better than we remembered when we chose her in february.  
stunning, really.
like. . . i almost cannot even deal. 
i can't share pics of her just yet {except for the 25 of you i already texted} but she's worth the wait!

i also caught a glimpse of the wedding shoes.  i had helped pick them out {obvs} at my fave online wedding boutique, BHLDN

ladies and gents, meet the feather trimmed d'Orsays by something bleu . . .

totes have beach wedding written all over them.  ha.  the ash obvs do not care. 

 i already knew they were gorge but what i didn't know was that they have these precious blue crystals embedded in the soles.  {hence the name?}

image via sandra

how. presh.


akjennberry said...

I have been waiting for a wedding update!! Woot!!

Anonymous said...

Dying. So beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures of this shindig :)


christina said...

I want to see!!!

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