holiday gift guide: lindsey foley

lindsey foley is back for more with her holiday gift guide!  {check out lindsey's mother's day gift guide }
and is it any surprise that my fave personal stylist has a shoe theme?

lindsey's gift ideas. . . 

For hub:
Tom is loving these "old school" New Balance sneaks in black with orange "N", because guys can't have too many pairs of sneaks. Also, I think I spotted Ben Affleck wearing them too:))

For my mom:
A cashmere leopard scarf- because every grandma has to be chic!:)

hostess gift:
LOVE these candles, they last forever and even when the tree is gone it can smell like xmas in your house!Tree in a can from Aunt Sadies.
ps- I worked there for a month packing candles while I was in between jobs in my 20s:)

For son:
I just go my 5 year old these sneaks and loves them, coolest kicks among all of his friends!

A friend:
Black and White by Celerie Kemble, love this book because it reminds me of our 
My mom in law:
iPad she's 80 and just got one she loves it, all generations!

LH: What's your fave holiday tradition?

LF: My new favorite tradition since we are in FL every holiday season is to go to City Place in West Palm Beach, they have fake snow every night of Dec. at 6:30 pm and music!  My son loves it as well as a dancing water fountain!  see pic below:)

LH: What's the best gift you've ever given?

LF: A weekend away for my parents to the Wentworth by the sea, they still have not used it!!

LH: What's number one on your list this year?

LF: well you can always dream:)

shearling coat gorge right??

and/ or this peeptoe classic, chic, and you will have it forever!!

LH: What's the best gift you've ever received?

LF: a poem for my 24th when we first were dating and then Paris for my 30th, pressures on my the big 4-0:)

LH: wowzah - good luck topping that, tom!

have a glorious trip south, sweet lindsey.  you'll no doubt be the most stylish gal in the magic kingdom.  xoxo


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