holiday gift guide: nancy pants

dear nancy, you sure do like a lot of shiz.  
i could barely fit it all- doh!
 worship you and adore your precious alice and bat cave recipients, too.  obvi.

enjoy another adorbs gift guide from nancy-pants, everyone!

ho ho ho!

word! here are some of my ideas.... this was a toughie this year!

LH: what's the best gift you've ever gotten?

NP: It's hard to say.... aside from my surprise engagement ring, Jeremy gave me an Eames rocking chair when I was pregnant with May. At first I thought.... "um, I can't wear this.... why would you get it for me?" But now I love it. I rocked both of my babies to sleep in it. 

He also gave me the most amazing stocking filled with Tattler magazines, a  generous gift card to a florist, my favorite beauty products and much more... Beyond amazing!

LH: best gift you've ever given?

NP: I honestly never give anything that I wouldn't want to receive myself so I like everything I've given. Nothing really stands out. Maybe a Barbour jacket?!?

LH: what gift are you most excited to give this year?

My tomboy daughter is DYING for this crappy Batman Batcave doll house thing. I can't wait to see her face when she opens it.
I also can't tell what I'm giving my husband because it's a surprise but I'm excited!

LH: what's number 1 on your wishlist this year?

Anything I can wear. It's been forever since I've bought myself anything. I need a wallet desperatly. Mine is resembling George Costanza's (a rubber band keeps it together). I like this one in spice.

I'd also LOVE this statement necklace from Lauren Elan... BUT it's sold out. Boo!
I ask for this every year:

I need a new bag and dig this one in moss.

and of course, what would Christmas be without my yearly wish of a Cartier love bracelet and Goyard bag!

LH: fave holiday tradition?

NP: I am an elf... I love it all! 24 hrs of Christmas tunes on Oldies 103.3, advent calenders, elf on a shelf, making German spritz cookies, our SECOND ANNUAL Christmas Eve beach breakfast, Christmas movies ("Year Without a Santa Claus" and "Love Actually" especially). Trimming the tree, retrimming the parts that Jeremy and May did...

Now on to the tricky part....

sister: I'm probably going to get my sister earrings similar to these.

mom: worship my mom and worship these Roberta Roller Rabbit pajamas.

Also love scarves.

little girls: as I said before, my older girl is not so femme but she does love her bla bla dolls. Getting Alice for the baby. 

little boys: my friend Wink makes AMAZING handmade shirts for kids

friend: I'm getting some of my favorite girls (including myself) these.

hostess: can't go wrong with Mr. Adler.
This bee serving board or ANYTHING from C Wonder. 

Inlaws: tervis tumblers are a favorite gift to give anyone! We have three sets!

teacher: I am a teacher. We LOVE gift cards. Especially for visa, calypso, jcrew and spa services!! And a homemade ornament yadda yadda yadda...

stocking stuffer: my favorite candle 

A sleep mask... Very breakfast at tiffany's

And... beauty products, magazine subscriptions and cheap, fun jewelry. 

thanks for your fab suggestions, nancy-pants and here's hoping jeremy gets you that damn sweater so you can stop posting it on my gift guides.  
adore you, jer, CHIT and Lolli.  see you for some beach bacon on Christmas eve - now one of OUR fave traditions!  merry merry xo


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