holiday gift guide: jayme marie designs

it's hard to believe i haven't even known jayme of jayme marie designs for a year- and even harder to believe i've never spoken to her in person! but i know enough about jayme to know she has a wonderfully creative style and her gift guide proves just that.

jayme's fab gift ideas for . . .


Personalized mugs (also great for hostess gift)

little girls:

I'm in love with the hair accessories at poppy row!

little boys:

I bought two Rody's for my boys this year in two different colors so they can bounce/race through the house together!

My little boys also love going on adventures and finding bugs and things in nature so I love this nature bag that I found on etsy (can be personalized with child's name!

This other shop sells this stack of nature scavenger hunt cards that I think would be perfect to slip into the personalized bag above. :)


There are several items that I love at Noonday collection, which is an amazing company that sells jewelry and accessories online and through trunk shows.  The purchase of their items helps give people aid for adoptions and the items made are by artisans in struggling countries.


I love the personalized plates found in this etsy shop, or better yet... they sell attachments to turn the personalized plate into a cake stand!

I also love the journals at Minted.  They can be personalized with the giftee's name and you can customize the inside cover as well... such as a pic of the grandkids for Grandma and Grandpa, etc.  They are a great price too!

LH: what's the best gift you've ever gotten?

JG: One year my husband was sent to Ireland for work and he surprised me with a ticket to go with him and a ticket from Ireland to Paris.
We were on a budget and limited on time so we only stayed in Paris for 3 days but it was amazing and we had such a wonderful time.
Paris around Christmas time is covered in lights and decorations and it's just magical.  I recommend seeing Paris at least once in a lifetime! 

LH: best gift you've ever given?

JM: Every year I write my husband a love note for him to open on Christmas morning.
Sometimes I think the sentimental gestures mean the most.

LH: what gift are you most excited to give this year?

JM: My husband and I (mostly my husband) will be building our 2 year old a tent similar to this one with fabrics to match his room!

We love making gifts for our boys!  If you aren't into making gifts, I have seen some adorable tents and teepees for sale as well, such as here or here...

image via david and caroline parker

LH: what's number 1 on your wish list this year?

JM: Well, I'm still living in the dark ages and I have a pink cell phone that is so old it doesn't even take pictures....booo
So, what I would love for Christmas is an iphone with this adorable Kate spade case. I've dropped several hints to my hubby so we'll see :)...

LH: what's your fave holiday tradition?

JM: We have several but one that I love is that the boys get to open two gifts on Christmas eve, one will be a pair of Christmas pj's (so that look adorable for Christmas morning pics) and the other will be a Christmas book to read before bed Christmas eve night. 

how cute is jayme?! thank you, for the gift ideas {totes buying rodys for c & p!} and personal stories-  as well as working with lil hoot to create a whale of a time, june's sip & see, cloud 9 sip & see, fun paper goodies for HGTV's design star meg caswell -- and my personal fave - C & P's 3rd birthday bash!  {stay tuned for many deets on this one, folks}


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