holiday gift guide: sarah PS

so when i was first looking for someone to babysit my kiddos people told me that a qualification should NOT be that i had to be besties with them, but obvi i ignored them and hired the coolest chicks i could find.  hence how i met Sarah PS {my family dubbed her PS -personal slave- after our first vacay together}.  sarah is all grows up now, but still my bestie.  
check out her gift guide and find a little about why.


1) Because Mom needs to jazz up her iPad.
2) Who doesn't love a little Michael Buble? His x-mas album is the perfect seasonal touch
3) Perfect accessory for the game! For Him.4) For Her
1) Quirky dress, quirky color, but i love.
2) Cooking light subscription for people like me who love to cook with healthy ingredients!
g-ma/mom: 1. Gorgeous! It would be the perfect touch in my mom's amazeballs kitchen. 
2. Both my Mom and Mammy are candlestick lovers - such fun colors! 
3. Grace, my favorite fragrance of all time. Perfect stocking stuffer, too! 
4. This blanket - see below.
5. Real Simple subscription - they love this magazine because it has a bit of everything in it!
Dad: 1. Nothing screams "Dad" like cozy slippers to drink tea and reading the paper. 
2. Cruising world subscription - he needs to start planning our next carribean sailing trip, right?!
3. Sperrys for summers on Pegasus.

1. Adorable idea!
2. I just love candles, and this is another favorite of mine!


what's the best gift you've ever gotten? 2 years ago, my mom passed down my great grandmother's amethyst ring - I wear it every day now.
best gift you've ever given? This blanket is to-die-for. As my friend says: "It's the gift that everyone wants, but doesn't actually know it exists until they own it or know somebody that does". It makes winters less bearable, and my friend will never forget who gave it to her. 
what gift are you most excited to give this year? I got my 2 big brothers tickets to the patriots game (me included) - they love NOTHING MORE than the Patriots.

what's number 1 on your wishlist this year? So boring, but I am obsessed with these new cowls, and it screams cozy. Oh, and a slowcooker - a dream for a corporate girl who works long hours and lives alone!
fave holiday tradition - On Christmas Eve every hear we go over to our family friend's house (and my bff). We do a secret santa, have a wonderful meal, drink, and dance the night away (to the one and only Mariah Carey) - last year we had the parents doing peppermint patty shots...needless to say, Christmas Day is a little rough. We have the same family over for X-Mas Dinner, which consists of my mom running around all day stressed because us children are hungover and not helpful. As we have no family geographically close to us, we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends to spend the holidays with!

can't wait until you are home PS - wine and wrapping awaits you.  {and you don't have to change dirty diaps or fetch me iced coffees. . . i mean, you are more than welcome to, but you don't have to}


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