so i totes need your help. the holidays are fast upon us and i want to know what would best serve my readers in terms of gift ideas.
would you rather see categories? {mom, brother, dog, etc}
once a week gift posts? once a day? twice a day?
guides or individual ideas?
or individual 'wishists' like our mother's day gift guides? {click here, here and here for examples}

OR . . .here's an idea - you could e-mail me a specific gift question and i could attack it on the blog.

can. not. focus.

guidance pretty please. thank you.


P.S said...

I like the categories - mom, brother, dad, etc. As for how often, as often as you can :)

ELE said...

I vote for categories too... 3x a day please. mah.

Rilla said...

yep, categories. Never too many options.

DPop said...

Yankee Swap gift ideas for family gatherings under $30

Betsy said...

Sorry to get to this late. Love gift posts, the more the merrier! Actually, I've been wanting to start a charm bracelet for my daughter and add to it over the years, but am a bit overwhelmed by the number of vendors, etc. If you ever include jewelry for little ones in a post, I'd love to see your ideas/recommendations. Tx!

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