not fair what blair gets to wear {SPOILER ALERT}

totes obsessed with blair's dress last night on GG. and she looked radiant! must be the faux baby bump that is giving her that glow. { i- for one- would have looked a lot more radiant when pregnant if the growing tumtum was fake}

for those of you who deprive themselves of the joy of gossip girl - a.) WHY? and b.) here is a pic of blair sporting her christian dior dress last night.

this does not begin to do it justice. STUNNING.
anyone over at dior feel free to send me the dress so i can post some proper images of it.

btw, have you seen gossipgirlfashion?
fab blog telling you not only what/who the characters are actually wearing but more 'realistic' options. love-love.

anyhoot, is the baby louis' or chuck's? no comprende!


here is a pic of blair in her WEDDING gown . . . i. die.

this is a special treat for miss E and the J girls who are going wedding dress shopping on friday. E, you will be more of a knock-out than any fictional bride but thought you'd enjoy this article from the huff. happy shopping, ladies!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sarah!! Happy Thanksgiving!! We love you!!! XOXO

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