confessions of junior aid society slacker

a very belated request to all my local gals - please attend this year's teddy bear tea sponsored by the junior aid society. it's a fun event for you and the wee ones - added bonus - julie o will be modeling again this year . . . and champers is readily available. done and done.
i'm honored to be a part of junior aid. {even though i never make it to meetings and always pay my dues late!} even so, this organization does so much for local charities, with some great events, to boot! {pun intended- see adorbs invite}

buy your tickies here!

junior aid society introduced me to local charity, girls, inc. such an inspiring group and this year we decided we would encourage our "G" party guests to donate to them {starts with G, Get it?}
check out their mission statement-

At Girls Inc. of Lynn we inspire all girls
to be strong, smart and bold.

love-love it!

anyhoot, we raised over 1500 dollars! so happy. BIG thanks to our Generous Guests.
and thank you junior aid society for accomplishing such great things {and for being so tolerant of my tardiness/non-existance at meetings - i promise to make it up to you on the dance floor at the queen of hearts ball.}

which leads me to my next question . . .
queen of hearts gown - the crimson lace dress from BHLDN . . .

love-love or not so much? don't worry there will be plenty more options between now and february.


Clare said...

LOVE-love. Not sure if the cut would be right for me, but the look is amazing.

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