technical difficulties

beyond irritated that i have royally effed up my computer figuration {does that even make sense?}
probably no shock to anyone that i am not what one would call 'tech savvy'. about to chuck my beloved mac out the window while waiting for customer support to call me back within 24-32 minutes.

anyhoot, i have such BIG. FUN. things in store for you. an amazebalz gift guide with lots of adorbs gift ideas, personal stories, and traditions shared by some of my fave lil hoot followers!

cannot wait to share!

also have two fabulous parties in the works for this saturday -
an elephant themed sip & see and a sophisticated holiday soiree,
and last but most definitely NOT least, getting beyond excited for a trip to my happy place this weekend.

so mr. maccy, you are one lucky SOB that i have some things to look forward to or i would let georgey use you for a chew toy.

wish me luck with the adobe gods! and please, please stay tuned.


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