frenchie friday: best. collars. ever.

so when the fabulous meredith nelson of meredith nelson photography agreed to take our family pics - i knew george and loo needed something very special, seeing as they are a big part of the fam.
i was thrilled to stumble upon pecan pie puppies' etsy shoppe. it is glorious. the only problem was what to choose!
so many adorbs options.

check these out.

i meeaaaan, ridic, right?

after swooning over these for hours, ryan helped me settle on a hot pink seersucker bowtie for george {obvi}

and an aqua seersucker collar with fuschia hydrangea for miss loo.


thank you again, meredith and everyone check out pecan pie puppies. the best part is they make these collars to support their dog rescue fund. {they might even be more cray cray than i am about pooches. . . .nahhhhh}


Anonymous said...

Oh my word...I love.


Rilla said...

LOVE it. My little ones might need these for xmas.

Lucinda said...

LOVE!!!I think Mr. Hobbes needs the seersucker bowtie!!

akjennberry said...

Those are amazing!

Tanie said...

So cute!

christina said...

hahaha oh sarah why must i love you so

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