monday must-sees

awesome. weekend.
celebrated lindsey foley with friends on friday.
gramps' 90TH{!!} with family on saturday and my own precious foursome at life is good festival on sunday. going to get deep on this later- stay tuned . . .

for now a few must-sees!

amazebalz blog shared with me by the fabulous K-Mac of Tallow Studio. I've mentioned Katharine before because her work is beyond inspiring. she's one talented gal with apparently quite the sense of humor, to boot.
a blog written from the perspective of suri cruise.

suri's burnbook

gone "glamping" {glamorous camping} party on hostess with mostess last week. we all know how i love a good pun, made up words really make me smile.

hey, elissa from one stone events, you nailed it!

since i'm planning to get personal today, may as well start laying it all out there. the perfect end to a perfect weekend was coming home to a beautiful slideshow by the one and only meredith nelson photography. worship meredith {obvs.}
i cherish my family more than anything so these images are more than just pictures to hang on the wall.
they are my happiness. {corny but true.}

without further ado. . .the slideshow.


Lucinda said...

Ok...that slideshow is amazing...brought a few tears to my eyes.....LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Happy Birthday Gramps!!!

Meredith Nelson Photography said...

Love you guys!! :)

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