missoni madness

so unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the missoni line hits our beloved target stores tomorrow. i'm having massive anxiety about how i am going to a.) not go completely cray cray and b.) get my paws on the things i want, i want, i want. {not necessarily in that order}

trying to map out a plan of action.
c & p need to be at school at 8:30.
stores open at 8.
do i go online at 8 then drop-off and head to an actual store? no joke at one point i attempted to secure a babysitter for 7 am and realized i was getting OOC already.

so let's just think about what needs to happen here. let's assume c & p learn to dress & feed themselves overnight, maybe even how to walk to school alone. . . then where do i even start? what do i want MOST? i'm thinking first priority is shoes. {obvi} the matching flats for me, c & p.


then what?

here's a few of the items i have my eye on.

{you can check out the entire lookbook at fashionista.}

help! luckily lindsey foley will be in the hizzy . . . hoping she can keep her cool and reign it in for me. {judging by our calypso experience i'm pretty sure nancy-pants will not be a huge help with keeping things tight.}

must. draw. the line.

divorce would be imminent if i came home with this sweet ride. and i'm a pretty big fan of CBC so one of you other suckers can have the bike.

happy shopping! {and stay out of my way, please. thank you}


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