must-see monday: fall!

is it finally tea-drinking weather?
i want. . .
buy them for me here.

i'm not a huge fan of football season because it means i see a lot less of the hub. {wompwomp.}
but if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
c & p will be sporting these this fall to support daddy. mom will not.

i do like an excuse to day drink so perhaps i should get involved in this tailgating business. oh wait, i need to stay home and take care of the babies. hey, CBC, hope you're enjoying yourself!
on the off chance i do get a day-off and can partake in the festivities i'd like to go the classic kegs & eggs route. {because it rhymes. obvs} click here for some tips.


Lucinda said...

Ooohh,love my pantone mug..have it in 732c....chocolate!

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