monday must-sees

#1 - the EMMYS!
congrats to kyle chandler and jason katims {writer} from the best. show. evah.
loved that lyla got to hand coach the gold statue.

bummed amazebalz tammy taylor didn't win but she looked stunning, really.
see all the night's highlights here.
FNL also got robbed for best drama but mad men is tough to beat.
{and if tim riggins wasn't available to fluff and fold in my luxury laundry room, i wouldn't mind taking don draper through the spin cycle.}

#2 i needed about 6 more weeks to hit up all my fave stores in NYC this past weekend, i did snag a couple goodies in the short amount of time between peeing my pants and kareoke until 5 am. totes loving american apparel's circle scarf for this time of year. {it's their uber-soft t-shirt material} i grabbed one in neon pink. {obvs.}

#3 so many frenchie sightings in the big apple {as c & p like to call it}. totes missed my pups. check out this blog i just stumbled upon.
miles to style with tagline 'a leg up on fashion'. puntastic.
this gal with adorbs taste does ridic inspiration boards combining fabulous picks for her and her pup. love-love!

have a great monday- hoping your blues are not remotely as bad as mine. i miss you already, shelbys.


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