more ruffles - love-love or not so much?

this time a slightly more sophisticated use of the ruffle.  i wonder if ralph was inspired by rufflebutts?
seriously tho, i'm pretty smitten by this gown, and i wor-ship the fact that it was a gift from father to daughter.  {ralph lauren for daughter dylan} 


pick up the august issue of vogue for the deets.  

and while we are at it let's just take a peek at dylan's candy-themed bridal shower planned by martha's right hand, darcy miller.  
it is. . . OOC.

caviar "rings".  obvs.

i die.

edible necklace.  forreals.

please please do yourself a favor and drool over more swoontastic images of this adorbs shower at martha stewart.

anyhoot, do you love-love the dress or not so much?


Clare said...

Totes drooling over the dress. It would be nice to have a fashion designer dad, although having a dad to officiate the entire marriage is definitely cooler!

akjennberry said...

I do love! I watched the Oprah of Ralph. Love him and his family.

jacin {lovely little details} said...

i'm still loving the ruffles trend!

Katelyn Nestor said...

LOVE Ralph, and LOVE ruffles. I like every ruffle you could possibly think's becoming an issue. My wardrobe - both work, and play.....RUFFLES!

Anonymous said...

Candy necklace?! Love it :)


lmkiarsis said...

Love the ruffles!

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