owl take two, please . . .literally

whoooo buys their halloween costumes 12 weeks ahead of time?
apparently, i do.

it's been said i have a sixth sense about some things and today i instinctually checked the pbkids website for their halloween line even though their halloween catalog has not arrived yet.  i got a bit too excited when i saw i was right!  and then even more hopped up when i realized they have re-introduced their precious owl costume this year.  
these bad boys sold out in record time last year and were going on ebay for over a hundo a pop.  

ummmm, to say i wor-ship is definitely an understatement.  i wasn't going to let them slip away again. . . 
P peered over my shoulder when i was ordering and caught a glimpse of the princess get-up.   "i want to be a princess!"  awwww. . . shot-down!

the owls should arrive within 5-7 business days.  hooty-hoo!

i've been a big fan of halloween for quite some time.  mom and pop helped me whip up some real doozies when i was a kid and anyone who went to college with me can attest to my love of the costume party.

i'm not ready to delve into the deets of our annual letter halloween party yet.  you'll be sick of that chatter soon enough.  think "G".

but here are the links to c & p's previous years' costumes.

their first year they were "chicks". {c party}

so reasonable, too.  my fave part is the striped tights.  A-dorbs.  available on diapers.com {for the price of about one owl wing.  doh!}

and then of course came the squiggly pigglys. {s party}


{available at chasing fireflies.}

i totes love-love halloween!  


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rchecko@live.com said...

LOVE these. I was so mad they were girlie when J wanted to be an owl last year. My homemade version is totes not the same.

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