loralee lewis's swimcap sweeties

this may sound odd, but i don't look at other blogs very often.  i strive to be a teeny bit original and it's very tricky not to be influenced by all of the other fabulous ideas out there. . . but once in a while i stumble upon something so adorbs, i cannot look away or help but be inspired.  

that's what happened when i came across loralee lewis's fabulous website, etsy shoppe, and blog today.  in particular, a vintage pool party, using her sweetie swim cap collection, and styled and captured by uber-talented photographer {and hostess, to boot!} kelly anderson.

if you can stand the cuteness, read loralee's full post here
read her whole life story while you're at it.

 it's so obvious to me that kelly and loralee shared a vision of this event and worked together to create something amazebalz. 

 i can recognize this precious relationship from first-hand experience because i've been beyond fortunate to have formed a special bond while creating events with both paige of paiges of style and jayme of jayme marie designs.  both these awesome gals have put up with hundreds {yes, hundreds!} of late-night e-mails filled with cray cray ideas from yours truly.  and they've indulged every one of them.  

and none of this would do me an ounce of good if the brilliant miss meredith -of meredith nelson photography- wasn't there to capture the fruits of our labors, as only she could.  

BIG HUGE shout out to all of these loverly ladies for whom i truly thank my lucky stars.

{okay, so now i am chuckling at myself because when i went to kelly's website to link back to her i saw this party was also featured on lil hoot fave amy atlas today. 
and i thought i had "discovered" it.  hehe.  i should have known it was totes too adorbs for amy not to have seen it!}

 anyhoot, bravo, ladies!


Loralee Lewis said...

Sarah, thank you for featuring this lovely party and for the kind words! So glad to have discovered you and your lovely blog! It's an honor.

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