so i've been such a busy bee planning a sip & see for my precious niece.  
the sip & see was last sunday  {yup, the rainiest day of the summer}

it was still such big fun to show off the lovely june and a special treat was seeing all the goodies bestowed upon her by our generous and stylish friends.
so much more on this later  . . .

we were graced once again with the presence of beautiful and talented miss meredith nelson and her mad camera skillz at the event.  i meeeeaaaan, how freaking lucky are we?  
anyhoot, will be sharing the gorge images in due time and i promise you they will be worth the wait.

so, one of lil hoot's fave fans evah, ms. lindsey foley, the personal stylist, gifted the lil june-bug this awesome rikshaw designs outfit.  TDF.

the kurta with the matching bloomers.  swoooooon.

now i want. i want.  

so many fab options over at rikshaw.  the anchor sundress is calling me. . . actually it's screaming at me!

. . . and the last thing c & p need is a summer wardrobe addition.
why am i fixated on these adorbs summer duds?  maybe it's just because i'm sad that summer is coming to an end . . .but mostly i'm pissed that i took my vacay in june.  seemed like a great idea at the time.  but i'd love to be back on nantucket for the month of august.  
to deal with my miserable existence in marblehead {ha} i'm fully immersed in my first elin hilderbrand novel, the beach club.  

why oh why haven't i picked up an elin book before?  i could have neglected my children for hours on end at such an earlier age.  seriously tho, if i can't be seeing my ashy at millie's, it's the next best thing.  anyone not going on vacay this month but wishing they were, buy this book.

here's some images of the island that elin's words conjure up. . . {because it's totes based on the cliffside beach club.  obvi.}

elin, take me away!

another great coping mechanism for my august stay-cation is the consumption of whispering angel rose.   a fab reminder of nantucket wine fest and bonus of hostessing the sip & see.  {avid reader ms. anne gifted me two bottles!} which oddly were never put out at the party. . .

shhhhhh. . . can you hear it?


stephanie said...

just adore those Rikshaw Designs outfits! Leave it to Lindsey!

Lindsey Foley said...

Thx Steph:)) they are the cutest, makes me almost want to try for a girl:))
But no thanks, I'll just live through Sarah!

Gillian~Katie said...

too funny, I am reading Elin's Barefoot now and just finished A Summer Affair. So perfect for summer. ps. I read them slooowly.

Shannon said...

So glad the Rikshaw outfit has arrived! I hosted that show cuz I can't get enuf of the stuff. I have nearly every bloomer, a couple kurtas and a hat packed in a bag right now headed to China with me to adopt my 10 month old daughter. I can't wait to stick her cute little tush in those bloomers! I board my flight to HK in a few hours and I will get my daughter on Monday 8/15. Have a great rest of your stay-cation with that vino and your book! I may have to download it to my kindle for the trip!

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