yes, capiz. . .

so i'm not an over-the-top "nautical theme" gal.  i think it's awesome if you live on the water, otherwise it sort of bugs me.  {or perhaps i'm just salty that i don't live on the water?}
i do live in a costal town, however, so i do feel entitled to a few seaside treasures in my home.

i like shells.  i think they are pretty and delicate and girly.  which i love.  {obvs}

i wallpapered nursery #1 {long story} with this thibaut stripe.
if i had to describe the color it would most definitely be "shell."

i also love-loved that my girls were old enough to collect shells at the beach this year on vacay.  and hey, can't beat a free souveneir with sentimental meaning.

i adore this idea from- guess who?- martha.

the candles aren't so appropes for the nursery, but i do have the west elm capiz shell chandelier in there.

i thought this was somewhat of an original idea at the time i decorated but now they seem to be available everywhere.  i actually sort of like the colored ones at pb teen.

and love-loving these venus pendant lamps at layla grace.
combining shells and flowers!  swoon.

oh and hello again pb teen!
i think we'll be seeing you, rose shell pendant in our big girl room!

and while i'm getting carried away. . .
i wouldn't mind this number in my home on the water, that is.

i guess this beauty casts quite the glow to passersby.  read about it in coastal living.

image via the diversion project
also good to know this bad boy is versatile and will work in my farmhouse someday, too.

image via better homes & gardens

image via pinterest
image via pinterest

so yes, capiz i think is a great way to add a touch of the seaside motif in your home without overdoing it, no matter where your home might be.  i mean who doesn't love the sea, right?

love this etsy shoppe located right here in boston, near me!  and the sea.  
hope you all are logging some serious seashell collecting hours this summer.


Anonymous said...

Hi S!
The light featured in CL by Tim Clark is my all time fav! I have pinned it a million times. Hope all is well.

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