happy birthday, june

one week ago today, my very first niece graced this world.

welcome to the family, june elizabeth!

we are having such big fun shopping for this lil angel and also planning a special sip & see.  stay tuned for much much more.  
and i'm sure supermom lc has a fabulous nursery in the works {obvi}, so maybe we'll get a sneak peek at that, too.

coincidence that layla grace introduced jonathan adler on june's one week birthday?  i think not.


hey june- i


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PaBlog said...
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Buy 4 Less said...

You must really love your niece a lot. By the way she really looks cute and i also like her name very angelic. Thanks for sharing.

playmobil police said...

You have a very beautiful niece. I have two and they are so adorable too. Really cute when they are still babies and we tend to always give them what they want because that is what's important to us.

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