nifty gifty: the coffee table book

was so happy to find a copy of kate spade's new book, things we love, on my doorstep the day before i left for vacay.  if only my bag didn't already weigh 700 pounds, i would have brought it along.  i can't wait to get home and flip through the colorful pages. {thanks, HB & LC!}
i heart coffee table books and think they are among the niftiest of gifties.
they have also become a staple among styling.

here are some of my absolute faves.  to give AND receive. {obvs}

frenchie kisses is my go-to gift for any fellow owner of frenchies.  it's adorbs!  and the domino book is among the best housewarming gifts.  a decor bible of sorts.
earth from above is an extraordinary documentation of our glorious planet shot from aerial views, something i knew well from my flying days.
oh and i'm dying for the pantone book!  {this from a gal who was perfectly content on 3 months of bed rest fanning through my ben moore color wheel.}
i'm going to go fix myself a not so vintage cocktail immeds.  i'm on vacay - what the heck am i doing blogging anyway?!


stephanie Miller said...

Paris in color is one of my favorites!!! I have a bunch of her prints in my house!

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