fly me to the mimi's

hope everyone had a fabulous hearts day!  i was too busy enjoying my fave holiday to post, also very busy procrastinating packing for our upcoming trip to mimi's.
some of you may know that i was once a career flight attendant and now i'm a big wimp about flying.  somehow landing in remote countries like bhutan and maurtitius seemed less daunting then traveling to florida with two four year olds in tow.
anyhoot, i was going to wear this . . .

viaor this

but then i remembered it's not 1965.

so going with these essentials.  

have decided comphy ballet flats are the way to go - they are so easy to take off during the security check.  also a watch to count down the minutes until landing since i won't have my cell phone on, and leggings.  and a  big-assed bag to carry the catrillion snacks.  obvs.  just finished giffin's latest book {enjoyed!} but hoping to find another good read in the next 24 hours. obsessed with the splendid cardi.  will be perf for chillier evenings down south and this summer.  
wish us luck!

also, devastated about leaving the pups behind.  obvs.  but know they'll be in good hands.
thinking squeezing loo into the suitcase isn't the best idea.

will miss you, girl.


Jayme said...

Love your essentials! :) Sending good travel wishes your way!

ox, Jayme

Anonymous said...

Anytime you need a pup sitter, I will do you proud :)


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