must-see. . . tuesday?

sorry i didn't check in yesterday but hopefully everyone was enjoying the "holiday". here in new england we had ridiculously unseasonable high temps and it was glorious.

lil hoot helped a sweet friend with a sip & see over the weekend and i am looking so forward to sharing some images from the day. i was truly honored to be a part of it.

okay, so a couple of things to check out today . . .

this donut-themed shower from a beautiful mess. adorbs!

pre-order the new steve jobs biography. what a wonderful gift for someone. RIP steve. can't wait to learn more about you.

and last but far from least, everyone's favorite design star, got hitched on saturday!

congrats, meg and randy! happy, happy, happy!
can't wait to share some special deets from meg and handsome ransom's nuptials.


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