the B party

soooo. . . this was sort of a lost year for pics. apparently we were too busy getting 'B'lacked out to document the soiree.

not much to say about these. i meeeeaaaan, clearly before babies.
in no particular order:

bouncers {dogs. obvi}
bumble bees
bathrobe guy
beach comber
baywatch babes
beer girl
bowler {think kingpin.}
bond and bond girl
buddy the elf {well-played, willis}
beetlejuice, beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!
big p*ssy {this was the sopranos era}

from the limited photos, it appears that this party was a Bust! but it really was a blast. the peeps that made an appearance were hardcore {especially bathrobe guy}
this was the first year a costume-contest winner was crowned and our tradition of the winner choosing the next year's letter was born. . .
K-rock nailed it with the letter 'M' . . .

you're in for some magic next week.

so what would you "B"?


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