G party setback

this is very true. {as it is i rarely shut up.}

with the "G" party only 6 short days away, i was hoping i would have fine-tuned my british accent by now.
not. happening.
every time i open my mouth "in character" - i sound like a leprechaun or crocodile dundee and CBC turns every shade of bright pink. he's embaressed of me and my pathetic 'g'day mates!'. womp womp. this combined with the 'dance moves' i have planned could be disastrous.

what are the chances i contract 'foreign accent syndrome' this week? forreals. check. it. out. HERE.

so can you tell who i'm going to be for the G?

if anyone knows a dialect coach and/or paula abdul - please send them over here STAT.


Anonymous said...

I got your dialect coach right here :) Watch some episodes of The Only Way Is Essex...it's easy to do it when you choose an extreme accent like that, haha.



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