baby royale

so you may have heard me profess my complete adoration for the stunning princess cake in the past {ahem, here and here
and unless you live under a rock, you know sweet kate is in labor as i type - sending good vibes her way! 
 i haven't posted about this joyous news since the rumors hit the stands close to 9 months ago. . . but now i'm going to give you a full royal baby week of posts.  starting with some of my fave images of the bump.


{that's fully my husband - minus the title, accent, charm, fame or fortune.  womp}

she is just so flipping adorbs and full of grace, it takes my breath away.  
while i'm beyond excited to find out if she births a baby horseface prince or a lil cupcake princess, i'm most of all wishing them quiet moments of peace and joy with their new family, while the whole world is watching.   and of course we know a perfect princess grandmum is smiling down upon them today. {sniff, sniff} 

stay tuned for the golden easel!


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