what. a. weekend.

once again, i find myself short a few thousand  brain cells on a monday morning.  this past holiday weekend was a "doozie" {as cousin ty would say}

it was mostly about celebrating america  mike o.  {you may remember this animal from the G party?}
we started the festivities off with a bang at mike's surprise 40th on wednesday night.  complete with kareoke and tropical drinks.

which made the next morning's horribles parade that much more horrible.
every year it gets hotter and we seem to get more hungover.  but again, at least the kids despise enjoy it.

this much fun should be illegal!  right, kids?

later that day, we headed out on scrimshaw for some more cocktails and fireworks.  kiddos are at a great age for the fireworks.  this seemed to make up for the child abuse  fun times at the parade that occurred in the am.

the thursday fourth sorta kills me.  i mean, it felt like monday, but it was only FRIDAY.  eff, actually this was saturday?  i lost an entire day somewhere?  anyhoot, on saturday we ventured out on elihu.  we picked up two of our fave people in manchester {they were in town for a wedding} for a trip to sand dollar cove.  
while out on the water, we spied rambler, in town for the halifax race.  rambler is owned by my former boss george david.  guy is legit.  seriously.  google him.  too bad his boat is so small.

are you bored yet?  because the weekend is only half over.  saturday night was the party mike o had planned for himself while he was moping around the two weeks prior to his surprise party, thinking no one cared it was his birthday.  this worked out for everyone because saturday night was amaze.  everyone brought it to the next level, mike o style.  here's a pics of some of the ladies of the evening.

{that's me keeping it real with a burger in my hand. foul.}
excellent times.

and yesterday i was a complete bag of crap tired gal, so CBC took girls on the boat without me.  and then we headed over to celebrate juney's 2nd birthday.
both my cameras and my brain were pretty much dead by this point but here's a shot of the birthday girl.

seems like just yesterday we were sipping & seeing this beauty {thx MW}

image by meredith nelson photography

so in conclusion, happy birthday mike o and sweet baby june - you two may be 38 years apart but i see a similar fire in your eyes. . . and i like it.

and happy birthday, america.  you dominate.

and dear friday, what happened to you?  perhaps it's best i don't know.


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