mid-summer check-in

summer is half-way over and i'm finding that i need some more stuff {obvs} to get me through until the back to school shopping is underway.

things i need more of:

towels!  cannot seem to keep up with my laundry, especially after a day at the pool, i want this beach towel, and i'm not going to share it.
. . . cover-ups for hot weather, like this tunic {why do so many have long sleeves?? no comprende}
 . . . sunglasses like these ray-bans {i lose things. often. womp.}
. . . and unfortunately i might have to bite the bullet and buy a one piece {the horror!} seriously tho, there is significant "evidence" that i carried around two naked people in my tummy at the same time.  every day i put on my bikini and stand around the pool with my cover-up on like a creepster.  and it's HOT.  so something's got to give.
. . . and i also want beauty products like this surf set
overheard in my household lately?
"mom, what's a rat's nest?"  my hair is not looking quite as lovely as i hoped at this length.

here's my hairspiration . . .

and here are some tips on how to get it.

would look stunning with a one-piece, wouldn't it?

and the number one thing i need more of is TIME.  the summer seems to go by faster each year.  hope you're enjoying yours!


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