the G party: before

so, unless you missed my open love letter to miss meredith nelson, you probably know i adore this woman for so many reasons.  and i'm confident that those of you who also know her, feel the same way.

meredith is the type of gal to come over last minute during a foul yuck october snowstorm to take fabulous pics of your rando G party deets, and at the height of her busy season, i might add!
and only meredith could make girl scout cookies, goldfish, and gummy candy look quite so glamourous . . .

tune in later this afternoon to find out what happens when you combine gummies, goldfish, grey goose, and a bunch of animals our friends.

PS my fave thing about meredith is that she was in my kitchen shoving frozen pizza in her mouth at 3 am with the best of 'em.  obvs.


Meredith said...

i heart you

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