pining for pine street

i know it's been awhile . . . i was busy having the best. week. evah.
truly some of the happiest moments of my life.

so many more wedding deets to follow -- but as of now -- i'm unpacking, re-grouping, and missing our humble abode {rental. obvs.} in the heart of nantucket town.

here's the room where gemma {THE dress} slept.  she took up the majority of the room.  obvs.

such a beauty. . .

c & p were like two lil goldilocks trying out all of the beds!

the guest house served as wedding HQ.

and the scene of many late-night stubby's "meals." {foul}

as well as apothecary jar cleaning, escort card stuffing, shell painting, candle-making, and many other wedding tasks. . .
"what's gonna work?! teeeamwork!"

devo & sunny's bunks.  adorbs.

here's one sneak peek of the beautiful bride pre-gaming at 44 pine.

the ash was beyond stunning.

anyone in the market for an ack rental, i highly recommend these digs. check out the you tube video.
there was room for many helping hands. . . and gemma.  that says a lot.  not to mention, the space was very conducive to laughter.

stay tuned for a lot of gushing, i mean, genuine RAVING, about our indominatable vendors --  chocolate creative design, petal floral design &  white loft studio - are your ears burning yet?

and thanks for your patience with the sporadic blog. 


becca said...

need. more. now. please? xo

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see more!!!


ELE said...

I want to go there. now please

Meredith said...

YAY! Please post daily. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! That house! That dress! That island... so magical! Now back to that house... I must see more. Gonna chk out video. Missed you while you were enjoying Stubbys! Ha.
Glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

BTW,Last post from CM.

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