console me

been thinking about a console table for our 'bar' room for awhile now. . .

jayson home
 caitlin wilson design

apartment 48


for better or for worse, i didn't pull the plug on any of these options --ranging from a LOT to the target special . . . anyhoot, i DID finally get one this week at good ol' home goods.  obvs.
i sorta dig the interesting legs {and the price tag!}

yikes, need a cover for that outlet.  never came anywhere close to child- proofing . . . 

{yes, that it george sniffing loo's bum in the background.  foul.}
now i just need to style this beauty.
going to rely on this lil 'blue print' of sorts for some assistance.
{not that the rando pineapple isn't totally working. . .}
{thank God for pinterest}
except i'm going to junk it up with 8 thousand picture frames, because that's what i do.  don't worry only about 3/4 of the pics are of jorge.


Sarah PS said...

loo looks like a tank in that pic ;) !

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