mrs. hangover

leave it to the indomitable mrs. lilien to sum this up better than i ever could.
still in recuperation mode after the G, need to rally for 'pick my treat' ing tonight and then c & p's THIRD b-day bash. big week, lil hooters. . . big. week.
bear with me.

and happy halloweeeeeeennnnnn

frenchie friday: slacker

so it's the day before the G party and i still don't have a costume for george and loo. WTF. how did this happen?
i wish i could doll them up in this little number and they could be 'gorgeous!'

buy it here.

love-love nordy's

thanks to one of my fave mamas out there, miss r., for sharing this on fb.
{not sure who the creepster shadow in the background belongs to but i worship the sentiment}

a reminder that it's okay to sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea and last night's revenge on this rainy afternoon. christmas shopping can wait. {altho, i should prooooobably start some "G" prep. . . but whatevs. it's foul outside}

stay warm, cozy, and thankful this thursday.

the "S" party

i'm hesitant to even blog about the S party because it seems i had a few more clever deets up my Sleeve for last year's Soiree. hey "G" attendees - don't get your hopes up! there will be no Shrimp cocktail or Skinnygirl margaritas. womp womp.

there were so many Spectacular costumes that night. these next few Shots are just Showcasing just a few.

we had quite a large turn-out and i'm sure i'll forget most of the costumes so here goes nuthin'. . . i spy . . .

4 sacagaweas
papa smurf and two smurfettes
seinfeld in "the puffy shirt"
sam the chilean miner
seventies chicks
sunmaid raison girl
swiss miss
snow white
stick figure
stepford wife
super mario bros.
2 sue sylvesters and a schuster
multiple spartan cheerleaders
2 spicolis
solid gold dancer
steve erwin
two spiders
slide-whisteler savant {someday when you have an hour i can fill you in on this}
suzanne sumers
lots of skiers
spelling bee
seleck {of the magnum PI variety}
two supergirls
lots of sailors
two santas and a santa's helper
scuba steve
stewardess {yours truly- with a cart! i'm missing myself some major props this year. womp.}

it was a tight race but in the end. . .
the winner was . . .

superior male costume - snookie!

superior female costume - shuttlecock!

they chose "G". which brings us to the laundry list of things i should be doing right now instead of blogging.

oh, and in case you were wondering this didn't end well.

ha! love ya, K-rock.

oh, and obvi the BEST part about the "S" was it's how i met my Sweet paige of paiges of Style. I randomly enlisted her help when i saw her etsy shoppe in the final days before the party. she nailed it, per ushe. thanks, paiger! too late to fly you out for this weekend???

baby love

so the only saving grace with j.crew's crewcuts was the fact that they started at size 2. just think of all the money i saved the first two years of c & p's life! new mamas. . . not so lucky . . . or are they?
introducing crewcuts new baby line.

teeny tiny cashmere. what's that you say? impractical? totes! beyond adorbs? abso-effin-lutely.

G party setback

this is very true. {as it is i rarely shut up.}

with the "G" party only 6 short days away, i was hoping i would have fine-tuned my british accent by now.
not. happening.
every time i open my mouth "in character" - i sound like a leprechaun or crocodile dundee and CBC turns every shade of bright pink. he's embaressed of me and my pathetic 'g'day mates!'. womp womp. this combined with the 'dance moves' i have planned could be disastrous.

what are the chances i contract 'foreign accent syndrome' this week? forreals. check. it. out. HERE.

so can you tell who i'm going to be for the G?

if anyone knows a dialect coach and/or paula abdul - please send them over here STAT.

frenchie friday: halloween

so by now you've realized i'm all about dressing up pups for halloween, but what about dressing up babies AS the pups? genius.
thanks to sweet cousin jenny in AK for sending me this.
she's a fab cheerleader and always sends me fun stuff. only trouble is she lives too damn far away. womp.

anyone care to whip up one of these in my size? Georgey style for the G?

image via buzzfeed

"C" is causing problems. . .

for some reason my Computer does not want to share a lot of C pics, {which is probably a blessing}, and since i promised them yesterday, i figure i may as well just post what i have. . .

there were carrot cake & chocolate cupcakes, cheese & crackers, chocolate chip cookies and candy corns among the cham cham {champers and chambord} and Caipirinha cocktails amidst lots of candlelight and carnations.

2 cats
5 cheerleaders
4 cleopatras
2 cap'n crunches
chelsea & chuy {this pretty much was the highlight of my existence}
cowardly lion {homemade by grandjan!}
cowboys cheerleader
can can dancer
clark rockefeller
construction worker
conjoined twins
cigarette girl
cymbol monkey
charlie brown
julia child
chick magnet
charlie's angels
cruella deVille - yours truly and this is the year i actually WON the contest! and chose the letter "S" . . . which you will see next Wednesday. I'll get crackin' on it soon so it's not as lame a post as this one . . . my apologies.
i'm swamped.