4! the princess & the cowgirl

last year i delivered a super emo birthday post, with an idea shamelessly stolen from miss meredith nelson, the ten things about you on your birthday idea, i mean, just too darn good not to swipe.

i'm going to be lazy and go off of last year's list: a) because as mentioned, i'm super lazy and b) i'm finding it interesting to see how things have evolved. . . or not so much.


1. You love pink and princesses and all things girly.

This year, you are proud to tell us, and i quote, you "love flowers & rainbows & princesses & sparkly things & the eiffel tower & all things that are beautiful."

2. You have spent about 50% of the last year wearing a tutu.

you have spent about 98 percent of the last year wearing multiple tutus.  multiple sources predict you have a future in high-fashion.

3. You also spent about half the year speaking with a scottish brogue. "I'm scarred" = i'm scared and "that's may charrr" = that's my chair. obvi.

you lost your brogue but still talk a little funny.  you put the wrong emPHASis on the wrong syLLABle quite often.

4. We love to talk about your 'crazy hair' that has only been cut once {a team effort by mommy and daddy.}

we still have not cut your hair!  and it is crazier then evah.

5. You're tall and skinny and strong. Just like when we brought you home from the hospital weighing 4 lbs. 7 ounces.

yup. such a scrapper. btw, we battle with you.  you do not love going to bed. . . or cleaning up . . .or listening in general.

6. You skip the tater tots and head right for the veggies, and then onto DESSERT, your fave.

hmmm, pretty sure you haven't touched a veggie in 2012.

7. You live in your own little world and we are so happy you let us be a part of it.

you are still in your own little world {see # 1}  your teachers tell us that you often skip snack because you are busy drawing & painting, mostly roses. obvs.

8. You pronounce about 17 different words - 'cock'. rock, sparkles, chalk, popsicle, clock, black, and so on and so forth. I'm pretty sure you do this to torture your father.

haha, forgot about this.  i think we are down to just a couple "cock" soundalikes.

9. Every night you want us to 'hold you like a baby' after your bath. We gladly oblige.

we still do this, more for us than for you.

10. {this one is new} you have recently changed your name to sarah grace.  because "it's a beautiful name and phoebe is a funny name"  whoops.  hoping we can move on from this sooner rather than later.

11. you are silly and lively and continue to live up to your name {your original given name, not sarah grace} 
phoebe = bright shining light.

and miss charlotte 

1. Nothing on this planet beats a Charlotte hug. You hug like you mean it.

this still holds true.  your hugs are ahhh-mazing.  and they come often, and they last a good long while.

2. After much discussion, it's official : Yellow is your favorite color.

yellow is still your fave.  you dig orange, too.

3. You ask A LOT of questions and you take the answers to heart.


4. You look exactly like I did when I was your age.

yup. it's crazy-town.

5. You are borderline obsessed with Kai-lan. 

hmmm, i did hear you counting in chinese the other day {pretend counting, obvs} but you aren't as smitten with kai-lan as your 3rd birthday.  peppa pig makes you LOL.  you worship TV in general {as does P}

6. You laugh hysterically whenever you attempt to throw a tantrum.

still true.  now we just say "charlotte, don't laugh, don't do it" works like a charm.  after you're done screaming at us to "go away!! everybody go away!", that is.

7. You've spent about 70 percent of the last year with a baseball cap on.

you totes ditched the cap!  maybe it's because you had horrible bangs last year?  you like to wear your hair "long".

8. You are a homebody. you're genuine 'i wanna go home' melts me every time.

you are still happiest in your "blue house."

9. You have a indescribable vulnerability about you that draws people in . .. and then there's also that smile of yours. 

this also remains the same, the sincerity and kindness in your dark brown eyes draws people in.  some people {ahem GNB, want to put you in their back pocket}

10. {new} you always put your shoes on the wrong feet.  let's work on this.
and the two of you together - well, i mean. . .

1. You talk and laugh for hours at naptime and bedtime. I'm already jeally of your bond.

you've added a little fighting to the mix, but you are truly built-in besties.

2. You are by far the worst 'dancers' in your ballet class and I just can't get enough of it.

your dance class is closed for viewing this year but i'm pretty sure you haven't made too many leaps and bounds in this category.

3. You like to tell people what kind of pizza your sister likes - pepperoni for charlotte, 'olibbs' for phoebe.


4. You worship your grandma. rightfully so.

more than evah.  you also love mimi, and frequently can be found packing for mimi's house in florida and then building a pretend airplane to get there.

5. You have played a very active role in planning your birthday party this year and lil hoot is very excited to give you a party with heart.

this is probably going to be a trend through the years.

6. You think we live in marblehead AND on nantucket and I'm pretty sure daddy is not going to buy us a house there before you're old enough to figure it out. 

you still have not figured this one out, often referring to our "nantucket house"

7. You adore your new cousin , a.k.a. "baby june". 

you still dig baby june, although i'm pretty sure she's going to lap you in pretty much everything within the month.

8. You love to "hide" on daddy when he comes home from work. This entails you running towards him screaming 'I'm hiding!' 

you still do this, you actually do hide for about twenty minutes before he gets home, then do the running and screaming towards him thing.

9. You're both painfully shy around other people. You are starting to grow out of it but we don't mind keeping you to ourselves for the time being.

still. so. shy.   and we still. don't. mind.
{except around your boo, g butts.  hoping you both don't stay in love with the same lil dude.  that could get sticky}

10. You've consumed enough fruit in the past year to ward off scurvy for life.

i literally cannot keep enough in the house.

11. You are so good to your doggies George and LooLoo. you are nothing but loving and gentle towards them. this is something i truly believe i taught you well. {c'mon people, you knew i couldn't write this post without mentioning the pups}

you still worship the pups.  often calling george "naughty" and " soooo handsome", a reminder that you are paying very close attention to the words out of mommy's mouth.  ruh-rowe!

11. YOU sing to US at bedtime now, and I am brought to tears- every. single. time.

this has become more of a dance party, and the tears are more in the form of laughs.  btw, charlotte you got my voice.  so sorry, my sweet.

12. {new one} you stole the hearts of many as aunnie ashly's flower girls.  nailed it.

13. mommy let you choose your halloween costumes for the first time this year.  phoebe, you chose a pretty barbie rocker princess outfit, and charlotte, in a sea of princess costumes, you chose a cowgirl outfit.  this pretty much says it all.

14. oh, one last thing. holy shiz, this is like 500 things, but i want you to know this.  whenever mommy is feeling like a waste of space, i look at you and think i must be doing something right.  you make me want to be better, you make me want to deserve you.

happy birthday, girls, with all of my heart.


Meredith said...

Seriously the best post ever. Such a good mom! So psyched for manana.

Brennan said...

Adorable. Happy Bday P&C. XO

Jocelyn Strutt said...


superhornet said...

I cry. Damn you. Hope that people expecting twins read this (you know who you are)- you make it sound like such a magical journey.
Xo,fronch jenny

Anonymous said...

I'm balling! Don't even know the girls... but damn that pulled at my heart strings! HBD to your little monkeys!

Unknown said...

me too. #14 made me cry. at my desk. in an office full of people.

Anonymous said...

Sarah- this is so beautiful and sweet, totally crying! You have inspired me to write things down about my girls. The time is flying.

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