happy holladays

sorry hoot has been on hiatus.  
survived thanksgiving weekend-  
bloodys & bagels took the cake- with host, MO {aka the gram} clinching MVP.  one for the books with a performance reminiscent of 'the year i ruined Christmas' circa 2000.  but that's a story for a different day, perhaps even a different blog.

 anyhoot, had a bah humbug moment yesterday when i publicly {via fb status} denounced sending Christmas cards in November, and apparently my wees are immune to the damn elf on the shelf.  wompwahhhhhh.  needless to say, i was not exactly in the Christmas spirit.

but then something magical occurred - my dear sweet oh so stylish ex-PS christina of c.k. & Gray texted me the link to this doormat.

and now it's GAME. ON.

with T minus 2 days until nantucket stroll, this is one jolly hoot reporting.  

image via i heart new england
{i may or may not have thrown up in one of those christmas trees last year.  doh! again, a story for another time. . .another blog}

let me know what you'd like to see on lil hoot this december. lil hoot gift guides?  guest gift guides?  you name it, and i'll do my best to make it happen.

merry merry!


heidi | white loft studio said...

the doormat??!! perfection!!

Shelly said...

Sorry Jack missed playtime with G & L. Ryan exhausted him out. He's still a bit hungover from all the festivities, but probably not as sore as Frank the Tank. Who needs football when we can get an All-Star Performance during B&B's? Until next year...

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Need to hear that story and obsessed with that mat :)



Anonymous said...

You must repeat last years performance. Love it! Have a blast at STROLL... JEALOUS!

christina said...

Holla! ;)

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