top 4 reasons i'm "fall"ing behind on the blog. . .

so yes my blog-slacking is OOC, i know!

so many balls in the air . . . and so so many exciting things going on.

just finished up L & J's wedding, a bon voyage brunch, and a froggy 40th.

and here are just a few highlights of things that have me a bit too excited for fall -- hopefully i can keep you posted on a somewhat regular basis while i juggle. . . 

number 1. {obvs}  the ash's wedding.  OMG so close!
there are fittings,  printings,  painting, slideshow creating, MOH speeches to be written, accessories to be chosen and meetings with THE most fabulous vendors to be had and it is all amaze at this stage of the game.   
cannot wait to share the deets!
{oh, and then there's the extreme makeover i'm perpetuating on my person.  SJLD back in full effect, as well as IPL treatments, teeth whitening & hair straightening. oh. my.}

number 2. the "R" party is not too far off either.  yikes!
i think i have my costume.  any ideas?

number 3.  C & P's 4th birthday party planning is underway, as well.  the wonderful jayme marie designs has been working around the clock on the invite . . . and it's pretty darn "fantastique", if i do say so myself.

and number 4. last but most certainly NOT least,  i might miss the wedding, the R, and the 4th, because THIS guy is filming in marblehead this fall.  i meannnn, really, could there be a bigger distraction?!  it's almost a joke.

will he come to the R party as RIDICULOUSLY gorge?  i'm creeping myself out on how much i worship.  and disrespecting horseface and jon's real life main squeeze while i'm at it.  sorry, you two.  why don't you commiserate over some vino while hamm and i discuss my inappropriateness.

yes, jon, that would make me smile, too.


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