frenchie friday: hot-blooded

so my post is late due to a hangover.  and it  feels like the first time.  it feels like the very first time . . . i've ever over-indulged.
the GNO to the foreigner concert really did a number on me.  
i have done a lot of totes inappropes things today that i'm not proud of, including but not limited to, asking a new neighbor to deliver me gatorade, skipping a birthday lunch for the bob's baby {so sorry!!} and a new low, having our babysitter pick up the girls from school because i was curled up in the fetal position.  so i'm feeling really good about myself, right about now.  if it wasn't a completely epic evening, i'd be beating myself up even more.  

anyhoot, i've successfully purged the cheap beer out of my system and washed the dirty guitarist hair sweat off {see best video evah below}, so back to to the task at hand.  frenchie friday!  i've just now started playing with instagram.  {late to the party much?}  and i'm obsessed with instagramming my fave subjects.  obvs.

gorgeous GEORGE.

and the looloo special - the reverse foot rub

oh, yeah and THIS happened.
so proud of my sis in law, LC, for rushing the stage with grace and poise as only she could.
they've been waiting for a girl like you . . .

my jukebox heroes!


thank you for all my helping hands today. sorry for any inconvenience but it was
 URGENT URGENT, emergency!

clearly should not be blogging right now.
happy weekend!


Meredith Nelson said...

the video is amazing...

Kate said...

Looks like FUN! Is LC kissing him or whispering something sweet in his ear? I can't tell.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!! Wish I had a sis-in-law like that! Hilarious! Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I am nothing but proud of you for all of the above :)


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