just beachy

huge potential for babble today so i'm going to attempt to make this short & sweet.
had a teeny health scare the last few weeks.  and indeed, the waiting was the hardest part.
i wasn't supposed to receive results until today and rather than sit around like cray cray person yesterday, i got a few of my fave ladies to rally for my first beach day of the season. 

because as they say--

{and the beach seemed a helluvalot more appealing than crying or exercising.  obvs}

we made the trek up to wingearsheek and it was phenom.  if you live in the area, run don't walk.

images via papadunesphotography

c & p frolicked for hours with their partners in crime, making lil footprints in the sand like these, and having too much fun to even stop and eat {or apparently let me properly apply sunscreen.  whoops}.  i think they ran at least 7 miles.  smiling all the while. 
it was just a really. good. day.

then came home to a big sandy mess to clean up, mounds of laundry, seagull crap on my cover-up, miz sunburned lil munkies, a slue of e-mails that need be returned, breakfast dishes still in the sink, plants that needed watering, dogs that needed love, a text from the horse asking if i picked up the dry-cleaning {which obvs i did not} . . . and a voicemail from my dr.'s office saying that they had 'good news results' for me.

relief. happiness. perspective
and lots of tearful hugs for c & p and horseface.  


Meredith Nelson said...

Love YOU Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Glad you got good news. Also love W beach. We lived on NShore for a year and Cranes and W were the best!! Happy Tuesday!

Wedding Planner in Jaipur said...

Nice post Sarah.. love your blog & the pictures that you post

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