frenchie friday: model dogs

seems i've completely fallen off the grid.  i have some VERY good excuses . . . but only one of them really matters. 

 i survived the ash's bachelorette party. 

 this took days of mental and physical preparation on the front end and the obvious recuperation week on the backside. {sprinkle in a lil springsteen at fenway and pro bono partying planning in darien and you can thank me for checking in at all}

you're welcome.

now i just can't resist sharing this blast from my past.  was delighted to stumble across this e-mail in my junkmail when i regained post-bachey consciousness.

Hi Sarah,

I believe that I photographed George some time ago for Dogz Togz. I came across your posting regarding the horribles parade. I am researching the history of the parade and came across your listing. I loved your editorial take on the event so I thought you might enjoy some of the photographs I am putting into a book.

I hope that all else is well.


Rick Ashley
19 Preston Beach Road
Marblehead, MA 01945

rick had the absolute terror pleasure of shooting my sweet pups many moons ago for a high-end internet dog boutique.  {you heard me.  and yes, all the other bitches were jealous but looloo did not let it go to her head. that's just not how we roll.  obvs.}


i loved checking out rick's website.  the pics of the buildings in marblehead are amazebalz.  i didn't realize just how effed up quirky the architecture in this town was until i viewed it through rick's lense.  truly enlightening.  especially love this capture of the jeremiah lee mansion, which served as my view for four years at our previous address {aka george and loo's first home}.  totes looks fake.

anyhoot, let's not ignore the fact that he has compiled a real live book about the horribles parade. holla!

 but let's face it, rick can publish all the books & take all the amazing images he wants, but i'm pretty sure he reached the pinnacle of his career about 6 years ago.  

when this happened.  

O.M. F. G.

thank you, rick, for the stroll down memory lane and the reminder that george and loo do seem to have gotten quite plump. {reference fat frenchie friday}
and also raising the question: why was their modeling career so short-lived?

seriously tho, i'm excited for all of your future projects and can't wait to display the horribles parade book on my coffee table.  hopefully george won't tear it into one million pieces . . . but he probably will.  maybe your next book could be pics of all the things george has destroyed?


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